About Adam


Although Adam Karch is from Montreal, his music embodies the spirit of Americana like a scenic ride across the great plains. He plays a hybrid acoustic blues that consists of precise fingerpicking that recalls players such as RL Burnside, Mississippi John Hurt and Kelly Joe Phelps, along with an innovative percussive technique that is thoroughly modern, while somehow primal and anchored in tradition. His style sums up the sound of a one-man band where the backbeat is always present as his palm sets the sound of a snare drum on the strings. Karch also incorporated a Porchboard for the bass drum beat while his thumb-driven bass notes set the foundation for the melodies fingerpicked with his index and middle fingers all creating a constant flow of music. 

Adam's raw talent was evident from the first time he picked up the guitar at an early age.  By age 14, he was fronting bands, headlining clubs, and dazzling audiences with both his spirited guitar playing and soulful singing. By early summer 2023, Karch is set to release his ambitious and most personal recording.  Some Awkward Country Ahead, his sixth album, features 10 all-SOLO songs that showcase not only Karch’s incredible and wide-ranging talents as a guitarist and vocalist but also his abilities as a composer. He also teamed up with new Co-writers from Columbus, Ohio and an old friend Dale Boyle. The title of the record reflects Karch’s observation of the world’s big changes since 2020 and its themes, Karch sings about hurt, love, redemption and letting go all anchored in a country/folk spirit and flavour. 

Some of the highlights on Some Awkward Country Ahead include “Back on my feet” – “When you take the time to stop everything, sit in silence, you can realize everything that was not serving you in this world once you hear nothing, all the answers come and you realize where you do and don’t belong, then your real journey starts.”, says Karch. “Honkey Tonk Tears” is a Melancholic country ballad portraying the relationship between two people, one who wants to make the relationship work but the other who doesn’t change and realize what he has until it’s too late and in the end, HE is left with Honkey Tonk Tears in his eyes. With such deep respect for and understanding of blues, country and roots music, Karch’s recordings and live performances are able to touch the hearts and souls of audiences around the world.  For blues fans, roots and folk music fans, Some Awkward Country Ahead is like putting all of life’s pieces together all in music, one song at a time…