Adam Karch

Montreal Musician & Muscial Artist

Adam Karch is a Montreal musician & musical artist embodying the spirit of Americana like a scenic ride across the country, he plays a hybrid acoustic blues that consists of precise finger-picking that recalls players such as Chet Atkins and Kelly Joe Phelps. With an innovative percussive technique that is thoroughly modern, while some how primal and anchored in tradition the music production is second to none.


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MAtv this afternoon 4:30 PM! Tune in ,I'll also be performing a new song!

Album review on 98.5 fm with Thérèse parisien
Annonce Album Adam 9 juin 2016 - 98,5 (1).mp3

1st radio interview on CIBL today June 9th at 2PM. To be aired on June 12th!